Finding Meditation

Mandalas Before and After

Mandalas Before and After - medium colored pencils.

There are many ways that we can begin to introduce meditation in to our daily lives, and the benefits we receive by this practice yields countless physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, induces a state of calmness, improves circulation, helps focus and concentration, and leads to peace of mind and happiness, just to name a few! Meditation can be practiced in the physical form of Yoga or walking meditations, simple meditation (sitting in silence), eating meditation, and mandala meditation. Lately I’ve been enjoying the practice of Mandala Meditation; Mandala means both circle and center in the ancient language of Sanskrit and represents wholeness, of both the visible outside world and the invisible one deep inside our minds and bodies. There are many sources of Mandalas on the Internet, both on the origin, the benefits and templates. The site is a great resource to find blank templates, and each month a new mandala is featured with a theme. Often when I find a mandala to color, I find intention before beginning, and holding my intention begin to journey into the coloring of my mandala. Here is the mandala from last month, with the intention of “priorities”.

Mandalas Finished

Mandalas Finished

Happy coloring :-)

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