Surf trip on a surf trip

The day began with my alarm blasting at 4am, someone had to get up and make the coffee! At 5am our crew of 6 was all prepped and ready to go from playa grande inn, bags and boards ready to head out on the boat to witches rock and Ollie’s point for an all day surf tour with Boos surf adventures.  But when our ride arrived there was a slight change of plans .. The van that was equipped to take 2 groups had flat tires, and of course in costa rica, plan for the unexpected. But With a few minor adjustments we were on our way to playa flamingo to hop the boat about 615, but guaranteed as much time on the water as possible.


By 715 we were headed out to sea, with calm winds and smaller swell it was going to be the perfect day for our crew.  The boat ride north to witches was beautiful and scenic, and after about an hour and half, we spotted the massive rock Roca Bruja, known as “witches rock” a few miles away .. Some say it’s from a volcano, others say from a meteor, one way or another, it definitely looks like it doesn’t belong. The main peak had a few boats with a fair amount of surfers, so we decided to surf closer to the river mouth, on a decent left that favored all levels of surfers.


After our long venture and surf session at Roca Bruja, we paddled back to the boat to enjoy fresh cut piña and chips & dip, and then headed north to Ollie’s point. Unfortunately, at Ollie’s we encountered a crowd and onshore winds, but lucky for us, our captain, Christian, is dialed in on the area and headed to a “secret spot” where we came up on crystal clear blue water, amazing views, and the perfect reeling right hand reef break.  The waves were much smaller than your typical day in costa, but can you say absolutely a dream to surf a consistent reef break with the most amazing scenery all to your self ?! We surfed this spot for 2hrs, and during our session there was some serious energy building on the other side of the mountain range.  The smell of rain was potent; the sound of thunder and flashes of lighting were seen from a distance; but we had to keep on surfing.. By the time the tide risen passed its prime and we were surfed out, as we looked south, we had a feeling the trek home had a treat in store for us.  We knew we were about to navigate our way through some serious weather.

Within 10 minutes of heading back to playa flamingo we were encapsuled with torrential downpour.  With only a marine sanctioned wet/dry bag (thanks Joe:)) we kept only the essentials dry and we all prepared to get 100% saturated.  Luckily the seas were relatively calm, but the energy was not!  There was Lightning striking around us like the fourth of July!  N  This having to be one of the most brilliant Lightning storms I’ve ever encountered, and the looks on the faces of the boaters told a story unmatched by any words.  This could be considered by most a once in a lifetime opportunity.. To be so close to the elements of nature, just living in and experiencing the power of the ocean and the elements.. thats what our trips have to offer.  Living life to the fullest, experiencing life and energy on a different level! Or boat captain must have thought we were insane, because all we could do is laugh (and pray!) at our situation. Fnding the beauty in what some would consider miserable is a special thing, and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the beauty of costa rica from this perspective, and have all the gratitude to send to Boos and Playa Grande Inn for setting up this epic adventure.

Pura Vida !

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